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Abstracts for LIANZA11

We probably want to have some forward thinking (ie. NZ libraries in 2025) papers presented at the LIANZA conference this year right?

There are many other conferences, particularly based in Australia to be submitting papers to, but don't we want to presenting stuff to our own colleagues peers in order to broaden minds and add to the collective professional knowledge base in NZ?

Will you be submitting an abstract for... more »
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Building Credibility

Conversation and open communication is paramount

A recent post to nz-libs about Victoria University's change proposal, builds credibility for the organisation for it's open communication policy with colleagues in the wider community.

I believe communication and conversation about individual organisations needs to be out in the open. There's no sense in operating in a vacuum. People talk. It's a simple fact.

Communication, conversation, debate and discussion between... more »
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Tips for completing your revalidation journal